Iris power stator slot coupler

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your Iris Power BusTracII monitor so that alarm thresholds are set to the best levels for that particular machine. New users of the Iris Power BusTracII monitor technology must first permanently install 80pF capacitive couplers during a suitable machine outage. Iris Power BusTracII

Partial Discharge Detection in High Voltage Rotating Machines Partial Discharge Detection in High Voltage Rotating Machines Dhaval S. Patel1, Jay A. Patel2 1 PG Scholar, 2 Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, COMPARING PD RESULTS WITH VISUAL INSPECTION - Iris Rotating Machine Conference Scottsdale, June 2005 Page 1 of 19 COMPARING PD RESULTS WITH VISUAL INSPECTION Alessandro Rossi ENEL (Italy) G.C. Stone Iris Power Engineering (Canada) Abstract: ENEL is the main generation utility in Italy, with more than 200 hydro units and 120 turbine generators, totaling 39,000 MW of capacity. Download Limit Exceeded - CiteSeerX

stator windings to aid in assessing the risk of stator winding failure. This portable instrument is easily connected to test with permanently installed Iris Power 80 pF Epoxy Mica CapacitorsTM (EMCs) and/or Iris Power Stator Slot CouplersTM (SSCs). It is factory-configured to work with specific types of machines: Iris Power TGATM The industry ...

synchronous generator fault diagnosis using shaft ... - WIReDSpace Nov 14, 2006 ... 6.5.9 Affect of stator slot count on shaft voltage . .... 6.9 Comparison of shaft voltage frequency power spectrums . ...... In Iris Rotating Machine Conference, San Antonio, Texas, Jun 2002. 101 ...... ICPL2631 dual opto-coupler. Twin Falls Hydro Project 1997 PDA couplers installed & found ... Class F stator coils – partial length wedges ... IRIS Power Engineering PDA ... windings and some slot discharge ...

FIELD OF THE INVENTION. This invention relates to a partial discharge detection method and apparatus for high voltage conductors. In particular, this invention relates to a method and apparatus for detecting partial discharge in high voltage insulation surrounding stator windings of a motor, turbine generator or the like.

Iris Power, LP company research & investing information. Find executives and the latest company news. ... PD Couplers to detect stator winding PD activity; and Corona Probe to pinpoint the source ...

Stator Insulation Problems Caused By Variable Speed Drives

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