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Apr 12, 2010 · From my experience dealing poker, online poker is a fair(ish) representation of live poker. I have been nicknamed "Action" by regular cash game players as I have a reputation for putting down pairs and draws on the flop, eg Qh Qs Js, or 6d 7d 6s.

Without question it is rigged. It's actually pretty funny, the moment I win a big sports wager, I'll hop into their poker room just to mess around and am dealt AA, KK almost right away, only to ... Online poker rigged? HERE IS THE PROOF [Page 1 of 2 ... Here we go again. Haven't looked at the link cos judging from past posts your an idiot who seems determined to prove online poker is rigged to members of an online poker forum. Poker - more proof online poker is rigged... tried out cake poker today.....played 45 minutes....had pocket queens get cracked all 3 times on river.....flopped two pair numerous times and they never held up...but u guys kep thinking its not ...

Still not sure if online poker is rigged or not? Read our article to find out which poker sites have fair games including tips for finding a safe room to play at. ... all those angry forum posts ...

Thanks you for the reply and please understand that I dont have an opinion either way. I'm a new poker player and found it odd that I busted out to trips 10 out of 10 all-in showdowns in one day. Insider Information: All poker rooms are rigged Insider Information: All poker rooms are rigged Until the 31st of december 2007 i have been working at one of the major poker sites as a programmer and now that my contract has expired i would like to share some simple info with you that should make you more aware of what you're dealing with.

Online Poker: Is it Rigged?

Online poker rigged?! — Red Chip Poker Forum Yes, poker online is rigged. All online sites are rigged. They are setup like video brainless games for brainless people that let themselves cheated by crooks like Chris Ferguson and three other directors of the poker website Full Tilt Poker, Howard Lederer, and Rafe Furst were running a Ponzi scheme that paid out $444 million of customer money to themselves and the firm's owners. Is Online Poker Safe Or Rigged? -™ Guide Is Online Poker Safe or Rigged? ... One of the more famous examples of this activity occurred in 2010, on a UK poker forum called Blonde Poker. A long-time and respected forum member named Neil ...

Simply, poker online offers more games, more players, and a better variety of games than most live card clubs. Finding the Best Online Poker Sites On the Web. At, we take the effort out of finding the top online poker rooms.

PokerStars scam rigged online poker Fuck off online poker rooms. Playtech - ipoker, partypoker, PokerStars, winamax all sites are rigged and the boss are the Mafia.deleted pokerstars/pokerfraud today used only 2 days and the writing was on the wall --most fucked up weird ass no real deals in real world poker i have ever seen... Is PokerStars Rigged? - The Poker Fish Unfortunately, the history of online poker is marred with examples of sites or players that have used underhanded methods to steal money from players.The number one complaint that you will hear from the conspiracy theorists that claim that Pokerstars is rigged is that the random number generator... ginigerian papers online todayc | Школа покера Smart … Free FTCE practice test that prepares you for essay questions, FTCE practice. Reviews of new books in history, biography, politics, travel, and fiction. responsibilities to write your Remarkable sales and marketing experience. Audience Is An Important Factor English Language Essay... XVI. Sit and Go výukové video - Icmizer 2 |